Bodybuilder hogtied Pahom 22




Bodybuilder hogtied video with Russian lad Pahom 22. First of all, let us introduce you this sexy hunk. Pahom is a brutal bodybuilder and he’s just 22 years old. He’s working in the gym, but his salary is not big, that is why he’s also moonlighting as a loader in the logistics company. How you see, he’s doing a brutal job – all his loader’s job is just moving the heavyweight parcells and also do some other brutal and hard work. As you can see on his body, his muscles are very strong. Also, some parts of his body have tattoos. Now brutal bodybuilder found another side job – to be tied for the pleasure of you, our dear website’s guests.

Well, the show begins. First of all, we tied the bodybuilder’s legs at the ankles area. We used the thick rope to twist brutal lad in the hogtied position. The rope’s material is rough and the contact of boy’s sking with it also malke some pain for our lad. Secondly, he also tied his hands at the carpus. And finally, we fixed his arms to his feets by to make his body to be in the hogtied bondage position. Now our bodybuilder have a target – to escape from this cruul hogtie position. Let’s take a look how he twitches on the floor. He try to untie and to beat the fetters, but it’s not so easy. Master used the rough rope for this bondage and it’s not easy to escape. Take a look on bodybuilder’s tensed muscles in this hogtied position. Really, that’s a painful position for him. Finally, after few minutes lad unleashed the ropes and he’s on the freedom.

Bodybuilder hogtied video

The hogtied bondage method is a very interesting position, when the lad’s wrists and ankles are tied by the rope or cable behind boys’s back. If you are interested to get more information about this specific BDSM-practice, you can read some articles about hogtied bondage on Wiki . Sure , please take a tour on our video store page and we are sure that you’ll find there lot of hot videos with bondage and other BDSM activities.

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