Boy forced to train


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Boy forced to train video with hot lad Imran 21 you can watch in this clip. Let’s meet now our sexy and brutal lad. Imran 21 is living in a small village in the South regions of Russia in the mountains. He’s brutal highlander. In this village there is a little gym and martial arts club. In this brutal gym with ragged walls are doing workouts all young lads of this village. And our sexy lad Imran too is working out there and also doing some martial arts. Sometimes the community leader of the village wants to make some pleasure for himself and make the sport test for young boys and to force them to train. In this video sexy Imran boy will be forced to train and to do different sport exercises.

Forced to train for boy

First of all, the community leader odered to young Imran to be shirtless and barefoot during the workoung. The training begins like in the crossfit style. For about 10 minutes (1 part 5 minutes and 2 part 5 minutes) young lad will do the non-stop workout. Young boy will be forced to push-ups, pull-ups, finger pull-ups, tire riding exercise and more and more different workouts. In this forced to train video you will a young sporty lad, who is training in sweat. Surely, you will admire his sporty fighter’s body. In all workout exercises you will his tense muscles.

Boy forced to train video

Forced to train video with young boys is a really extraordinary but very interesting practice. During videos with forced to train workouts you will see boys doing hard physicical exercises. Finally, you can take a look some more videos also with hogtied or other training on our video store. If you are a fun of corporal punishment videos you can watch good boys spanking videos on our partner’s website.