Gay hogtied Slava 24




Gay hogtied video with Russian escort boy Slava 24 you are welcome to watch in this clip. First of all, let’s meet with our model. This is Slava, he’s 24 years old. He’s a sporty Russian lad. And he’s an escort. We offered him money to watch him in the bondaged hogtie position. We wanted to look at his sexy muscles tied by the cable. At the beginning of this sadistic show, he ordered young gay boy to uderess. He left just underwear on his brutal body. Surely, young lad was barefoot. And the show begins…

Gay hotgtied proccess of ropes untie

How you know, the hogtied position is an exceptionally torturing method for boys bondage. Now it’s time for our young escort boy to understand it on his self body. Firstly the customer bounded boy’s barefoot legs at the lower legs by the cable. Also, he bound lad’s hands at the wrist area. To finalize the hogtied position for this young gay boy, he fixed young man’s arms to his feets by the the same cable. How you can see, now our young and sporty boy is helpless. He’s trying to escape from the captivity, but it’s not so easy as he thinks. Escort customer admires the suffers of his “human commodity”. Young muscular boy it twisting on the dirty wood floor trying to find the escape. This hogtied position also makes lot of pain for young gay boy. That’s difficult to try to escape when all your muscles are tense. He’s trying, trying and trying….But he can’t find a way how to break this hard shackles…

Gay hogtied video

Surely the gay hogties BDSM practice is one of the most interesting bondage methods. How you understand, in this unconfortable position all boy’s muscles are extremly tense. And finally , let us advise you to go to our website’s video store page. There you will find more very good and sexy bondage an other boys torturing videos. Also, if you are interested you can get more information hogtied gays on the Wiki .