Guy hogtied Malik 22




Guy hogtied video you can watch in this bondage clip. Just imagine what happened in a typical Ukraine appartment. Older brother decided to punish his younger brother for smoking. He decided to tied him in the hogtied position and to watch how he will break the ropes. Seems unbelievable but it’s true and welcome to watch the video-proof of it. You will see a muscular guy Igor 22 years old in the hogtied bondage position. Young brother is shirtless and barefoot. In the video you will admire his sexy sinewy back and his barefoot feets size 43EU. Please don’t think about the video quality. His brother used an old smartphone to record his brother’s punishment, but it’s very interesting to watch this guy hogtied video.

How you know, the hogtied position is a very torturous way for the bondage practice. Older brother decided to use it for the punishment and he tied young Igor by the wide cable. He want that his brother will remember for a long time that smoking is not a good lifestyle. And now, let’s take a look on poor Igor. First of all, brither tied cadet’s barefoot legs on the ankles area and his wrists. And finally he made the hogtied position – he just fixed his arms to his feets. Look at the helpless guy’s body. He twitches on the floor and tries to get out, but it’s very difficult. After 11 minutes of a family torture the ropes began to succumb and the muscle tension started to subside. Finally, younger brother break the cable and he’s free.

Guy hogtied video

Guy hogtied is a corporal punishment way where you can use different devices: rope, cable, hawser and other things.  It’s really very interesting method in the BDSM practivce. Finally, please welcome to watch more bondage and also hogtied videos on our website in the guy hogtied videos store. Surely you can read some information about this practice on Wiki.