Hogtied gay Shurik


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Hogtied gay boy from Russia you can admire in this video.  Our today’s lad is a nice sporty guy Shurik who is 24. This lad will face now to the challenge offered by own of our customers. He had to escape from the captivity in 10 minutes period. If he succeeds to do it, he will get money and if not, he will go away without any profit. So, the camera is ready and our sexy boy is already shirtless and barefoot and ready to be tied by the ropes.

Hogtied gay

Firstly, customer fixed the boy’s legs at the lower legs area by the rope. Secondly, he also tied his hands. Finally, he fixed the lad’s hands to his feets. The show begins and muscula gay boy is trying to escape from the captivity. How you can see in the videos that’s no so easy to do. Customer tied the ropes very hard to make the escape process difficult for his slave. Boy’s body is twisting on the floor trying to get the freedom from the ropes. During the video you can admire the sexy muscles of young  lad, the solidity of his young brutal body. His sexy bare feets  also will deliver lot of pleasure for boy’s feets lovers. But this young gay failed the hogtied challenge…

Hogtied gay video

Hogtied gay videos is a very particular BDSM practice way. Surely it’s a practice about the bondage. In this position the victim can’t stay for a long time period because it’s a little bit painful. All the muscles of lad are tense and he’s feeling also the pressure on it. In conclusion, let us advise you also to visit our great video store where you can see good videos about the discipline and punishments of young boys including different kinds of gay BDSM practice. And of course, you go to the Wiki to get more information about the Gay bondage.

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