Lad hogtied Vasiliy 26




Lad hogtied punishment you can admire in this video with Vasiliy 26. First of all, let’s talk about our lad. Vasiliy is a muscular Russian worker. He’s working in the storehouse of a shop. Everyday he’s doing a brutal job – moving the goods, merchandizing it and other general work things. Under the terms of the contract with his boss, this worker is getting corporal punishments for bad work. And one of the punishment way is to be bondaged. At the end of the week his boss summoned him and calculated all his mistakes during the work. Sure after that lad will get a punishment and it will be the hogtied position bondage. Boss is punishing his worker as a game – worker had to escape and break the rope in the 12 minutes to be free. If  he doesn’t have time to do it he will another punishment.

First of all, boss tied the guy’s legs at the ankles. Secondly he tied hands at the wrist. Finally, he pulled his arms to his feets by the tight rope. Our lad is hogtied now. And the game begins. Lad twitches on the floor trying to beat the fetters. Sure boss tied the rope very tight and it’s not easy to escape. Lad wriggles trying to get a freedom. Sometimes he flips over showing boss his muscular body, his muscular chest. Just take a look at his suffers! Lad hogtied position makes also a pain for guy. That’s because his legs muscles and his hand are streched and he’s feeling also a pain. Really, that’s not easy to be in the hogtied position not moving. But if you have a target to untie the ropes it’s more difficult and it takes more effort. So it means that is also more painful.

Lad hogtied position

Lad hogtied position is a position is a position when the boy’s wrists and ankles are bounded together behind lad’s back using physical restraints by the rope. You can also read more about it on Wiki and don’t forget to visit our video store to watch more corporal punishment and hogtied videos.

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