Man hogtied Igor 26




Man hogtied video welcome to watch in this clip. You will see a brutal and muscular Russian man Igor 26 years old. Igor is a good man, he’s working as a hard worker. His muscles are so sexy and so brutal not because he’s doing gym. He’s doing heavy manual labor and it means that he’s so sporty cause of doing hard manual job every day. One rih invited Igor to his house to do some heavy work. During the work Igor made some mistakes and even broke a vase in the office of the owner of the house. Concerning, rich decided to offer Igor to detuct a penalty from his salary or to punish him in his one way. For Igor it was a difficult situation, because he needs money. Finally, he told his boss that he’s ready to get a corporal punishment. After that house owner immediatly ordered him to go the house dungeon. First, he ordered young man to off all his clothes and to leave only shorts. Also worker Igor was barefoot.

Man hogtied position is a very painful bondage way and now our lad will remember it for long time. First of all, cruel rich tied man’s barefoot legs at the ankles by the hawser. After that, he also tied poor man’s hands at the wrist area. To fix man in the hogtied position boss also pulled his arms to his feets by the hawser. How you can see, our general worker now is tied in very helpless position. Rich man admires the suffers of his young serf. Just imagine what kind of pain he’s feeling now… All muscles are constrained and that is why it’s not easy to lay down calm and not moving in hogtied position. Man twitches on the floor trying to escape from the captivity. He’ trying to untie the hawser, but boss tied the rope very tight and it’s tricky to escape. During his attempts to break free he flips over and open his muscular torso for his boss’s eyes. Finally, he found a way how to break the shackles…

Man hogtied video

Man hogtied practice is a very painful BDSM bondage practice for tortures young mans. In this position it’s not easy to be calm. It’s really not easy just to breath when your limbs are in the hogtied position. If you are interested please take a look some information about it on Wiki and sure please visit our video store for more male tortures.