Russian boy hogtied


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Russian hogtied boy video you will see in this gay bondage clip. First of all, let us introduce you the star of this video. This is sexy Russian lad Vladlen who is 24 years old. Vladlen is a heterosexual boy from Moscow, the Capital of Russia. Sometimes he wants to earn money and the most easy way to do it is meet with our Master. During this meetings he had to make dreams of his patron come true. Now his desires are about to bound this young lad in the hogtied position by the ropes. At the beginning at the bondage, patron ordered young Russian boy to undress and to stay just in his sport pants. His feets are barefoot.

Russian boy hogtied

Secondy, patron bounded the lad’s legs in the ankles are by the hard rope. After that, he also handcuffed his hands and tied hands to the rope that fix his legs. That’s so interesting to watch boy in this hogtied position. Now Russian boy is hogtied and he’s feeling also some pain because of the ropes. Surely, his muscles are tense and it’s also don’t make this position confortable for him. But the target for our boy is to escape. How you can see in the video, that’s not easy for our lad to escape from this tied position. But he must to do it and  he must overcome this rope to get the freedom. Patron admires the beauty and brutality on lad’s muscles during the escape process. And finally he untied the ropes on his legs and he’s just waiting for uncuffing his hands.

Russian boy hogtied video

Russian boy hogtied is a special bondage practice when the victim’s hand are bounded to the legs. That’s a very difficult position to stay for a long time cause of muscless pressure. In conclusion, you can go to our video store and watch there more videos with gay bondage, hogtied, corporal punishments and more other so interesting clips about the Gay Bondage practice. And of course, you visit Wiki to read more about Gay bondage.

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